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The Everyday Storytellers - Week 23

We are #theeverydaystorytellers—mothers who span across four different countries and have 22 children between us. We are all passionate, hard-working women with one common goal in mind. To document childhood.

This is week 23. Our hope is to grow in our craft, inspire each other and preserve our children’s memories. Our goal is to document with intention, dedicating time each week to create a collection of images that tell the story of our everyday lives. The calm and the chaos. The beauty and the mess. The magic in the everyday details. The perfectly imperfect moments that weave together and make up our lives.

I love capturing what my kids are getting up to; preserving a record of their funny little antics and interests. But this week I felt like producing some very simple portraits, to document all that I love about my beautiful 6 year old boy. His soft cheeks, blue eyes, funny hair that has a mind of its own; his infectious giggle and gappy big smile. He's so very loved.

Louisa Bedford Photography, Kent, UK

And a few extras from my series....

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