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About Me


I'm Louisa, a lifestyle family photographer based in the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable, Kent.


Some of my favourite things...

  • I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children (ages 12, 10 and 7) and a dog called Mollie.

  • I think kids are fantastic! In fact, I used to be a Primary Teacher and one of my favourite times in the school day was story time when my class would be totally engrossed in a book we'd be sharing. Now I get to enjoy reading to my own 3 kids, rather than 32!


  • I'm a total coffee snob (would never have instant in the house)!


  • I taught in Thailand and lived in a bamboo hut for a year, as a result I can cook great Thai food! In fact, I used this skill to woo my husband (who is easy to impress)! 


  • In my spare time, I love growing my own veggies (with varied success!) I swim and dabble with a bit of crochet.


  • My favourite way to spend an afternoon is sitting on the beach with my family while eating fish and chips and harassing them with my camera! 



A little more...


Photography brings my soul to life. Capturing people's stories and evoking emotion through my work gives me such purpose, both as a mother and an artist. I have seen first hand how quickly time rushes by, and my purpose is to freeze those moments for others. 


I am sensitive and patient. My goal is to capture your family authentically, with all of its perfect imperfections. 


I will get those sweet details like the uniqueness of your child's freckles, beautifully long eyelashes, sweet curly hair, and tiny toes. I can't wait to meet you and your lovely family! 


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Photo credit: Fern and Star Photography

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