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Reasons to book an in home newborn session

You many have stumbled across this article because you've been considering booking a newborn photography session. I wonder what type of images you have in your mind? Often what comes to mind are beautiful photos of sleeping babies, posed against a neutral studio backdrop. These type of images can be absolutely gorgeous but posed newborn photography isn't the only option. I wonder if you have considered the benefits of booking an in home newborn session? If you haven't heard about these type of sessions, or are not familiar with such images - let me tell you why I love providing these sessions for my clients in Kent.

1. Authentic

Lifestlye photography, including newborn lifestyle sessions, allow me to capture your family in the comfort of your own home. Nothing is staged. I photograph you as you go about your day and capture the moments you share with your baby as they unfold - everyday activities that you may soon forget as your baby grows. These images will spark little memories, like where you enjoyed feeding your baby; how you held her; how she liked to be comforted; how she fixated on the shadows on a particular wall; how she gripped your finger with her tiny hand while you rocked her. How you stroked her face as you talked to her; how tiny the bottle was that you used to feed her; her tiny feet and how curled up she was when she was brand new. Those details, interactions and habits that quickly become so familiar, but just as quickly disappear as your baby moves on to the next stage.

2. Convenient

When you've just had a baby and the hours and days seems to merge into one due to lack of sleep, the last thing you want to think about is packing up multiple outfits, nappies, bottles and all the other paraphernalia that you need for a few hours out with a baby! You don't even need to be photo ready when I arrive at your house. Often, I'm able to photograph the baby on his own, while you get yourself ready. You then have everything to hand when there's an explosive nappy or projectile sick!

3. Relaxed

You're most comfortable in your own home and this really shows in photos. In home newborn sessions are super relaxed, there are no time pressures and no waiting around to get your baby into a deep sleep so that he can be photographed in a particular pose. If he's fussy and needs a cuddle, you cuddle him and I take the opportunity to capture that moment. If he needs feeding, you go for it. If you want to pop him in his crib for a break, that's great - I'll photograph him where he is! I work around you and your baby. I am relaxed and this helps you and your baby to be too.

4. Your story told

When I spend a few hours with you in your home, I'm able to tell a little bit of your story through my photography. We chat over a cuppa, and I get to know you and your family: a little of your story which I'm able to capture in picture form. You might like me to document some special things you've bought for your baby, or gifts which have been made and given to your baby. You might like me to photograph your baby in the nursery you've lovingly prepared, or the cot that used to be yours when you were tiny.

No doubt you've heard it before, but these days pass so very quickly and your baby will change in the blink of an eye. If you're unsure about making this kind of an investment, I'd really urge you to go ahead and book. As a Mum of three, I really wish in home newborn photography had been an option for me while my babies were young. While I have beautiful photos of them, I have very few where I am in the frame and I wish I did.

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