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Maternity Photo Shoot, Kent

Maternity shoots are one of my all time favourite photography sessions. I'm always delighted when I get a new enquiry from a mum-to-be because I truly believe that pregnancy is an incredible experience which deserves to be captured and remembered. I love being able to create beautiful, natural images which will spark lovely memories of your pregnancy. I know from experience that those 40 weeks of growing and carrying your baby can feel like the longest months of your life, but as soon as your baby arrives and you are completely besotted with them - you'll quickly forget how you looked with your big bump. Pregnancy is where your journey into motherhood begins and is part of your baby's story, so booking a maternity shoot is a great way to celebrate this incredible stage in your life!

Leah contacted me in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Having grown up by the ocean in the US and now living in London, she was keen to have her pregnancy captured at the beach. She loves visiting Whitstable, so wanted to create more happy memories in one of her happy places! Before Leah's maternity session, we chatted about possible locations and decided on a beach further along the Kent coast which would be quieter, and slightly more natural and rugged than Whitstable beach. We scheduled the shoot for golden hour (which is the hour before sunset) and were treated to the most amazing light at low-tide!

Leah wore the most beautiful long maternity dress which added a sense of drama and movement to the images. If you're unsure about what to wear for your maternity shoot, I'd recommend something comfortable, long and loose (but you can always ping me across some pictures of your options, and I can advise). Asos offer some fabulous maternity gowns, so that could be one place to look :)

Ahead of her photo session, Leah shared some Pinterest inspiration with me which helped me to plan her session. If you have a particular creative vision for your shoot, be it a maternity, family or newborn session - I'd love you to share your ideas with me!

Leah was thrilled with the final images and has framed them above her baby daughter's cot :)

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