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  • Louisa Bedford

Family Photographer, Whitstable

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every single family photo shoot I have ever done, but sometimes my photo shoots feel very easy and everything seems to come together to provide the best conditions for getting awesome photos! This shoot was one of those times - a gorgeous happy family, super co-operative kids who had the best time, the perfect evening light and sky, well thought out outfits which added lovely pops of colour to the photos and just really great conversations in between shots! I'm so thankful that I get to meet lovely people and capture happy family memories for my clients!

We met at this incredible location near Whitstable, an hour before sunset to make the most of the best golden hour light. It was such a joy to hang out with this family and to see how much the children loved one another and genuinely enjoyed being together. This family love their photos and I hope I look forward to meeting them again!

I've included quite a few photos in this blog post because I want to show you the value of booking a full family session with me. I strive to capture emotional connection, warmth, movement and sweet unscripted moments between family members. If you'd love natural photos of your family and are ready to have some fun - get in touch!

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