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Christmas Photo Shoot, Whitstable

I always get a little thrill of excitement when I turn up to a family photography session, and see my clients looking amazing. I've got to say, I was blown away by the planning this Mum had put into this session and the photos just show, how much it pays off to put a bit of thought into planning what to wear for a photo shoot. Mum's goal for this session was to get some updated family photos that she could use for her holiday card, hence the beautiful red colour that tied the outfits together.

We met at Whitstable Castle where I took a few shots, before heading down to the tea garden and Tankerton beach. We scheduled the session an hour and a half before sunset, which I always recommend if possible as the light is soft and golden. Although the twins were getting a little tired by 6pm, Mum had brought along lots of snacks and drinks to keep them happy.

As well as capturing some classic family portraits, we played a lot, ran around, climbed, tickled and laughed and Mum was thrilled with the final images.

"Louisa is so very talented at what she does! She took the time to find out what exactly I was wanting to accomplish and she captured exactly what I was after. She’s very good with children and even managed to wrangle my FOUR! I highly recommend Louisa and I’m really looking forward to having her photograph my family again. Thank you Louisa!"

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