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  • Louisa Bedford

A Perfect Day

Rody and Jess, Portsmouth, Dec 2018

I remember the morning of my wedding, 13 years ago. Like Rody and Jess here, Mike and I also got married in December so decided to have the church service at 12 noon as we wanted to be able to have outdoor photos at our venue before it got dark at 4pm. I'm really glad we made this decision as our wedding photos were obviously very important to us. However, it did mean that with a bride and 5 bridesmaids (I know) the morning was a chaotic whirlwind and not the serene morning of croissants and champagne that I'd envisaged!

Arriving at Jess' parents' house on the morning of her wedding, I was expecting things to be a bit frantic, but everyone was so chilled out and calm - it was brilliant! And that's how the day continued. Despite torrential rain and gale force winds and a power cut for the majority of the wedding reception! Jess and Rody were totally relaxed and didn't let any of it bother them the slightest - they had the best day ever and it was such a privilege to capture it all for them!

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